Our Quick and Dirty Guide to Buying a Diamond with Examples!

Our Quick and  Dirty Guide to Buying a Diamond with Examples! 


Are you ready to tie the knot? Here is a quick and dirty guide we hope will help you survive the world of diamond buying.  When purchasing a diamond, it's essential to start with the four diamonds' characteristics (4c's).  Review the 4c's, decide the most important to you, and rank it from one to four (one being the most important and four being the least important). 

 For example: If your budget is $10,000 for the ring, here is a step-by-step process to determine how much you can spend on the diamond.

  • Step 1: you would first determine the STYLE of the ring that you want. You can gather this information from your partner's Pinterest page, family, or friends. Take the idea to your trusted jeweler, and get an estimate of the ring style. If the ring you selected is $2500, this leaves you with a budget of $7500 for the diamond. 
  • Step 2: As mentioned in the beginning, you will rank the 4cs as to what is most important to you! There is no "correct" answer or "best" answer to this. It is all based on personal preferences. 
  •  Step 3: You share this information with your jeweler, and they will present you with options that will meet your needs and your budget. 

Let's get started! Here's the first example, assuming you decide the ranking was as follows: 

  1. Clarity  (2) Carat   (3) Color  (4) Cut
  1. Clarity ( is the natural imperfections in a diamond. VVS-SI - you can't see with a naked eye, you would need a microscope to see the flaws.) 
  2. Carat (is the size of the diamond. How big do you want it? )
  3. Color (is the color that shows up on the diamond - the bigger the stone, the more color it will show) 
  4. Cut ( is the brilliance and sparkle of it, most diamonds are GOOD to VG cut, so it's automatic that my diamond will sparkle no matter what) If I get an excellent cut diamond, even better. 

After giving all the information to your jeweler, the jeweler may show you a diamond that looks like this: 

  1. Clarity: VVS1
  2. Carat: 1.00-1.05ct
  3. Color: F to G
  4. Cut: VG

Total cost of the diamond: $7400

Total cost of the ring and diamond: $2500+$7400 = $9,900 ( under budget of $100) 

Here's another example of my ranking being different based on the 4cs, but with the same ring. The budget for the ring is still $7500 and if carat was the most important: 

  1. Carat : 1.50ct
  2. Color: G-H
  3. Clarity: SI2
  4. Cut: Good 

The Total cost of the diamond: $7485

Total cost of the diamond + ring = $9,985.00 ( still under budget of $15) 

Based on the two examples above, you'll notice that you can get two different diamonds for similar prices. Be specific and detailed. Give shorter ranges like VVS1-VVS2 or the size of 1.00ct to 1.25ct.  Being transparent and clear will help narrow down your selection, and it will get you closer to that dream diamond. The sky's the limit when it comes to finding that perfect ring. Good luck! For more information, book a free consultation with us in person or via zoom. SUNSHINE would love to be part of your diamond buying journey!

With Love, 

Aleena and Laila