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Sunshine Jewelers is your trusted local jewelry store in Philadelphia, PA

Top Rated Jewelry Store In Philadelphia

We are a top rated jewelry store in Philadelphia, we specialize in engagement rings, loose diamonds, wedding bands, diamond earrings and more. We have nothing but the highest quality of jewelry designs for any occasion. Over time, Sunshine has become known as the place to go during weekends, where families gather and share stories of their journey to America. The place to purchase jewelry to commemorate life’s important moments.
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24K Collection
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This is our story and why gold means everything to our family.  

Sunshine Promise
Our promise is simple, and honest.

Sunshine is where craftsmanship meets exceptional service — a full-service jewelry company dedicated to enhancing the experience of everyone we meet.

We proudly design pieces that honor the moments of connection between loved ones and life’s most memorable moments.
The Sunshine Family


Being a very spiritual person, I shop based on the feel of places. I felt nothing but good vibes at this place . Met with Laila , owner’s dtr . It is good knowing that I am helping to support mom and pop shops. I am turning 49 and have always wanted 7 day bangles but never bother to look into it since I knew it is expensive … well, not anymore . I been through shear hell these past 3 months and it is so nice to be able to treat myself . I wear it everyday and brought matching hoop earrings. It is so beautiful.


Laila, Aleena, Yan,  I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding bracelet that you all put together for me.  Thank you Yan, for the excellent craftsmanship and beauty that is expressed in the final result.  Laila and Aleena, thank you for your polite assistance, attention to detail in answering many of my questions...and for all your efforts together, you made my dream come true.  I love you all.

Robert Nhat


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