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How to Tighten Loose Earring Backs
Do you have a tension earring backs that is loose? Here is a quick video to show you how you can use household tools to quickly fix it.
A quick guide of our favorite jewelry insurance companies!
It’s hard to imagine losing your precious jewelry, especially if it’s a family heirloom that you've cherished for years or an expensive ring gifted by a special someone. But “life happens”, and we all know that unexpected conditions can occur...
How to check if your diamond is loose
Don't forget to check your diamond ring every 6 months! Due to wear and tear, your center diamond can become loose. This is a short video on how you can easily check your diamond at home with tools you already have.
A Buyer’s Guide: How to Shop for Men’s Wedding Bands
Shopping for men’s gold wedding rings and men’s platinum wedding bands is a rewarding and exciting experience, filled with a plethora of styles that range from contemporary, classic, vintage-inspired, and so much more. With endless gold and platinum designs on...
Why Does White Gold Turn Yellow?
By SUNSHINE 10K Gold: 41.7% 14K Gold:  58.3% 18K Gold: 75.0% 24K Gold: 99.9% All gold jewelry starts with pure gold (24K). Depending on what karat the jeweler is making will determine how many parts of gold to metal the...
Our Quick and Dirty Guide to Buying a Diamond with Examples!
Our Quick and  Dirty Guide to Buying a Diamond with Examples!  By SUNSHINE Are you ready to tie the knot? Here is a quick and dirty guide we hope will help you survive the world of diamond buying.  When purchasing...
10 Fun and Romantic Proposal Ideas
You purchased the engagement ring and now the next step is to ask your partner the big question! As times goes on, various proposal ideas become more cliche and there’s more pressure to do something new and spectacular. To help...
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