Bespoke Semi-Precious Stone Framing




Sunshine Handmade Fine Jewelry extends beyond precious stones. We will also make any pendants of any material pop with originally designed, hand-made gold settings. From your favorite miniature wooden Buddha statue to a lone carved out piece of jade, we will help maximize the style and durability of your item. Don’t have your own piece, but still want an amazing design? Choose from our selection of loose pieces or we can even source one for you.

This wooden Buddha statue has been fitted into shimmering 18k yellow gold. The prongs and the hand cut base embrace the Buddha in a way that cohesively complements it without distracting from the overall design. The bell that allows the pendant to hang from the chain is also unique and can be customized to your own style.

Have confidence that your pendant can be shown off both from the front and back. You can design back frame of your pendant however you desire or allow to Yan take the lead with his creativity and artistry to design a back frame that will be sure to impress you and your peers.

Just as important as the frame, back, and bell, the base of the pendant can also be designed to your liking. Depending on what you choose, the hand cut carvings on the base can transform your pendant into something classic and traditional or chic and modern.

Even an object as simple as a tooth can be converted into a stunning piece of jewelry. Here, an animal tooth gracefully hangs from an 18k yellow gold setting with stylish hand cut carvings, producing a piece of jewelry that provides an eye-catching juxtaposition between nature and luxury.