10 Fun and Romantic Proposal Ideas

You purchased the engagement ring and now the next step is to ask your partner the big question! As times goes on, various proposal ideas become more cliche and there’s more pressure to do something new and spectacular. To help with this struggle, we’ve compiled a list of 10 ideas to propose that we hope has a nice balance between classic and creative and can ultimately inspire you to create the best proposal for you.


Chef’s Table Dinner

This idea is meant to be an upgrade from the common restaurant proposal. If your city has a highly distinguished restaurant with multi-course tasting menus, you might also be able to reserve a private table inside the kitchen and experience culinary excellence at its best. Make your proposal requests in advance like baking a custom cake or spelling out “marry me” in chocolate sauce on the dessert. This proposal is sure to be both luxurious and intimate.


Drone Fun

Bring your partner with you outside so you can play with your new drone. Skillfully drive your drone to a hidden friend so that it looks like something went wrong and have that friend attach a “proposal package,” which could simply be a handwritten card or a small collection of couple photos,” to your drone or even send an identical drone with the package towards you. Your partner will be totally caught off guard by what the drone is carrying and delighted to see its contents. Attach a camera to get some unique footage of the occasion. Be sure to test these methods out in advance so everything goes smoothly!


Retail Therapy

If your partner loves fashion and is always down for some shopping, take her to her favorite boutique or department store and urge her to choose a handbag. Once she has picked one, inconspicuously hand the engagement ring to the sales associate to be hidden inside the bag along with a note that will be presented with the receipt. After you have purchased the bag, tell her to take a look at the receipt, which will really be your note asking her to marry you and to also check inside the handbag where she will find the engagement ring. If you love to buy things for the love of your life, this is a fantastic way to double satisfy her with both a diamond ring and a new handbag!


Couples Photoshoot

Many couples like to have professional engagement photos and even a hidden videographer or photographer during the proposal, but make it easy on yourself by booking a planned photoshoot for the both of you! You can play a trick and say something like you’ve won a couple’s photoshoot or that you’ve just met a friend who is into photography and is looking to practice his or her portrait skills. Select a nice location (take a look at our previous post for ideas!) and then in the middle of the shoot, propose and know that the special moment is being clearly captured from the perfect angles.


Yard Work

Surprise your loved one in the fall or winter months when you’ll have to be raking leaves or shoveling snow. As your busy cleaning up your front lawn or backyard, form the leaves or snow so that they spell out your proposal and call your unsuspecting partner outside for the big reveal. This is a great budget-friendly proposal that still feels incredibly romantic and extravagant.


Holiday Lights

As you make your yearly preparation for the holiday season and set up Christmas lights in and around the house, switch it up this year by spelling out your proposal in twinkling lights that will be sure to also make your diamond ring beautifully sparkle with them. You can either go cozy and intimate by assembling it somewhere inside, or you can go big and dramatic and spell the proposal out in huge letters on the front of your house! Either way, your loved one will definitely be dazzled and you’ll both be able to enjoy the new romantic atmosphere of the lights.



While this idea may be a classic, how many people actually execute it? Allow your most talented friends, family, and your loved one to live up their music video dreams! Take a casual stroll in the park and then surprise your partner with some fun choreography that you or maybe one of your friends made to your favorite couple song. Whether you can dance or not, your partner will surely think your effort is cute. After performing your musical number, get down on one knee with your squad of dancers behind for a moment your partner will certainly be unable to say no to.


Reverse Surprise “Birthday” Party

Tell your partner that you both need to attend a surprise birthday party for one of your friends (ideally whose real birthday she doesn’t know). However, you both will be the first the arrive at the party, allowing you to have your moment to propose. Soon after all your loved ones will show up to surprise your new fiance for what is actually your engagement party!



Another classic idea, this proposal entirely depends on finding a stunning vista. Some say the more challenging the hike, the greater your love and endurance is for each other. However, the hike will be well worth it as you will have a one-of-a-kind backdrop for your proposal. The sheer beauty of your surroundings will be the perfect setting while you ask the most important question of your life. And whether it be the best view of the city or a sublime point in the clouds, your proposal will definitely be amazing for Instagram.


An Original Poem or Song by You

Nearly whatever idea you choose, you can introduce and set the moment by writing an original poem to represent your love that cannot be described with ordinary words. If you’re more musically inclined, you change up the lyrics to a song you both enjoy or even write your own song to really make your partner speechless. They only thing left to say will be “yes.”


Good Luck!!!