jewelry repair in philadelphia

Jewelry Repair In Philadelphia, PA

We offer top rated jewelry repair in Philadelphia, PA


At Sunshine we pride ourselves in providing client services to meet the dreams and desires of our clientele. Our handmade fine jewelry is designed and crafted in-house by our master bench worker, Yan Djap. All our designs are truly one of a kind piece made to be worn for years to come and even passed down the generations as family heirlooms. We put up to two weeks of meticulous craftsmanship into every piece to ensure a flawless finished product that will stand the test of time. Below are just a few of the examples of what we offer.

Hallmark JEWELRY Services

jewelry repair in philadelphia

Engagement Ring/Wedding Band Consult

We offer an initial consultation to help you find or visualize what you’re looking for, before the custom craftsmanship begins.

Custom Made To Order Designs & Original Handcrafted Pieces

We enjoy collaborating with clients on custom-made designs. We do it all, from hand-cutting, custom settings and casting, we love bringing your ideas into fruition.

Bespoke Precious Stone Framing

Interested in using your own precious stone? Let us elevate your precious stones by framing them in a way that showcases their full potential. Come in and allow Yan to help you design the perfect setting.

Additional JEWELRY Services

Battery Replacement: Battery replacements only
Diamond Settings: We offer a large variety of rings, bracelets, earrings or pendant settings.
Ear Piercing: Ear piercing is available by appointment only.
Engraving: Make your jewelry truly one-of-a-kind with our precise, mechanically carved engravings.
Jewelry Cleaning: Bring back the sparkle in your jewelry with a full deep cleaning process, which includes high-pressure steam, polish, and rhodium.
Jewelry Repair: We’ll repair broken jewelry made from sterling silver, 14K - 24K gold.
Laser Soldering: We offer laser soldering as a high-tech and efficient alternative to hand soldering.
Pearl Stringing: We can string loose pearls together into the style you desire.
Ring Sizing: Come in to have your ring adjusted up or down.

• (NEW) Jewelry Appraisal: Enhance the value of your purchase with our professional appraisal services.

• (NEW) Diamond Authenticity Testing: Quickly Determine Natural, Lab-Grown Diamonds or Synthetic. Are you uncertain about the origin of your diamonds? Our specialized testing service can provide you with the answer within minutes. Whether you're curious about natural diamonds or lab-grown alternatives, we have the expertise and tools to accurately determine their authenticity.

jewelry repair in philadelphia


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