A Buyer’s Guide: How to Shop for Men’s Wedding Bands

Shopping for men’s gold wedding rings and men’s platinum wedding bands is a rewarding and exciting experience, filled with a plethora of styles that range from contemporary, classic, vintage-inspired, and so much more. With endless gold and platinum designs on the market, how will you narrow it down and find the perfect one that reflects your personality, lifestyle, and commitment?

This short blog post will serve as an introductory guide for selecting your perfect men’s wedding ring, focusing on 24 karat gold, 18 karat gold, and platinum. It will offer assistance by giving you a knowledgeable, streamlined approach when it comes time for shopping.

Why Platinum and Gold?
Gold and platinum are noble metals. A noble metal is a stable metal resistant to chemical action and does not corrode, even over long periods. This makes gold and platinum the perfect choice for a wedding ring--they have longevity. Not only are they luxurious, beautiful, and synonymous with elegance, they are also practical and suitable.

Gold Karat
Gold is malleable and can be mixed with alloy metals without losing stability, giving it durability and hardness. These alloys may include copper, palladium, iron, platinum, cadmium, for example. Gold is also available in its pure form.

Gold is divided into karats and sold on the market as such. These karats consist of the ratio of gold vs. alloys. The karat of the gold will factor into the overall price of the ring.

The following is a breakdown of the karats for reference:

24K 99.9-99.95%, pure gold, very soft, rich in reddish-gold color, rarer, and distinctive
22K 91.6%
20K 83.33%
18K 75% - STAMP 750
14K 58.33% - STAMP 585
12K 50%
10K 41.67%

Men’s 24k Gold Wedding Bands: Unparalleled Luxury
Nothing says total luxury like an incredible men’s 24k gold wedding ring. Create long-lasting memories with a pure gold wedding ring– a 24k band that grabs attention with its unique beauty and stunning rich color.

Since 24k is soft, this gold presents the best choice for office job vocations or those who do not work their hands, do manual labor, etc.

24k gold is hypoallergenic, making it soft on the skin, ideally suited for anyone with metal sensitivity and allergies.

24k Gold: A Valuable Romantic Investment
Not only are men’s 24k gold wedding rings in a league all their own, they also have many positive attributes behind their purchase. These rings have a higher resale value because of their pure gold status. Purchase an investment piece worthy of showcasing your love.

Men’s 18k Gold Wedding Bands: Everyday Sophistication
As mentioned on the chart, 18k gold is 75% gold, giving it an impressive percentage of gold to alloy ratio. 18k gold is strong–wear your 18k gold wedding ring anywhere and all the time. Experience your romance with the look of 18k gold, a hypoallergenic metal that is perfect for decades of wear.

Purchase either 18k or 24k gold for higher gold content making your wedding ring more valuable over time. If you wish to upgrade, sell, or trade in your wedding ring, receive a better return on your investment.

Men’s Platinum Wedding Bands: Lavish Statement
Platinum is not listed and sold in karats, like gold. Platinum contains trace amounts of silver and rhodium and has a composition of 95-98% purity.

Platinum is a dense metal, making it more expensive than gold. Platinum’s cost per gram is around the same as gold, but more platinum is required to make the same design due to its density, thus making it more costly. This makes platinum a lavish statement–wear your beautifully designed wedding ring that exhibits keen attention to talented craftsmanship with enviable prestige.

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