Custom Made-to-Order Designs/ Handcrafted Pieces




Our Sunshine Handmade Fine Jewelry, designed and crafted in-house by our master bench worker, Yan Djap, are truly special one-off pieces that are perfectly suited to serve as your next iconic family heirloom to be passed down the generations or simply your new favorite accessory. Up to two weeks of meticulous craftsmanship are spent on each piece to ensure a flawless product that will stand the test of time. Below are just a few of the examples of Yan’s talents.

Yan will showcase any stone to its fullest potential with his beautifully designed settings. Here, a magnificent smoky quartz is set around a halo of diamonds which are held by 18k yellow gold. Have your own precious stone? Come in and design the perfect setting together with Yan himself.




Have a favorite word, letter, or symbol? Allow Yan to bring it to life with a custom-made design. Any letter, any language, and any font will be precisely hand cut in gold and set anyway you want. Here, the Chinese word for “Huang” has been carved in 18k yellow gold and placed onto the face and fitted into the sides of this 18k white gold ring.




Inspired by the elegant designs of Swiss watches, this unique ring has been expertly crafted from 18k white gold and features a bold, square black diamond. The design radiates effortless style and masculinity.



In Chinese culture, jade is a status symbol as well as a signifier of wisdom. This stunning Grade A jade stone seems to swirl around in its 18k yellow gold setting and will be sure to give its owners more prosperity and their lives.