When is the Appropriate Time to Pierce Your Baby's Ears?

The answer to this question is not definitive, as it can vary across cultures, families, and countries. However, we do have a minimum age requirement of 3 months to ensure that the baby has received all of their necessary vaccinations.

Starting Life in Style with Our Family History

In our family, our ears were pierced before our first birthday. Our mother believed that gold jewelry attracts prosperity, fortune, luck, and success, which led to a lifelong tradition of receiving jewelry as birthday gifts. Earrings were our mother's preferred gift for young children because they are easy to wear and always fit, making them suitable for any age.

Earrings for Babies

Shopping for your baby's first earrings can be a thrilling experience, offering a love-filled moment for the baby, family, and close friends. To make these memories last, it is essential to choose a safe, sweet, and stylish pair of earrings.

Safety and Style Tips

For baby and youth earrings, screw-backs are recommended for safety purposes. Screw backs prevent the earrings from slipping off and getting lost. Screw backs also provide the perfect fit, as the backing twists onto the threaded post, allowing the earring to become tighter or looser on the ear.

Our Top Two Favorite Earrings

We recommend keeping it simple with small round ball studs, a bezel set or a prong set of small stones, as they are gentle to the skin, easy to sleep with, and great for everyday wear. Choose 14k yellow gold or higher to prevent allergic reactions in babies who may be allergic to metals. Huggies (small hoops) in 8mm or 10mm diameter sizes are also age-appropriate and it's one of our go-tos.

Laila's daughter had her ears pierced at 5 months old, and we tried out a few different earrings before deciding on her favorite, the Phoebe Huggies. Laila hasn't removed the jewelry from her daughter's ears except for cleaning, which she does once a month, if not less frequently.

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